Teaching Assistant Awards 2006-2007

Calvin A. VanderWerf Awards

Sean Cunningham History

Graduate Student Teaching Awards

Doug Barrett School of Art and Art History
Stephen Boyle Political Science
Ruth Chabot Mathematics
Sarah Clark Selke Plant Pathology
Eric Doise English
Nick Fuhrman Agricultural Education and Communication
Wedsly Guerrier Romance Languages and Literatures
Ariel Gunn University Writing Program
Gretchen Ionta Botany
Jamie Kear Chemistry
Michael Napolitano Chemistry
Aletris Neils Wildlife Ecology and Conservation
Minah Oh Mathematics
Alison Roark Zoology
Christian Roberson Computer & Information Science and Engineering
James Royal English
Dan Sindhikara Physics
Catherine Tosenberger University Writing Program
Leslie Wakefield Alan C. Moore Sport and Fitness Program