Teaching Assistant Awards 2007-2008

Calvin A. VanderWerf Awards

Wesley Beal English

Graduate Student Teaching Awards

Kelly Ard School of Architecture
Seth Blazer University Writing Program
Brian Boucher Mathematics
Roslynn Brain Agricultural Education and Communication
Everald Colas School of Architecture
Andrea Dallas Linguistics
Jennifer Daniels School of Architecture
David Edmund School of Music
Laurel Freas Anthropology
Michael Gressett Religion
James Hargrave Linguistics
Carolyn Kelley University Writing Program
Marisa Miller Psychology
Ryan McCleary Zoology
Rémy Ndangali Mathematics
Emily Peterek School of Teaching and Learning
Franscisco Rojas Physics
Maura Ryan Sociology
Christine Stracey Zoology
Karina Vázquez Romance Languages and Literatures
Keith Yearwood Urban and Regional Planning