Teaching Assistant Awards 2016-2017

Calvin A. VanderWerf Awards

Amanda Desormeaux Natural Resources and Environment
Alma Rodriguez Spanish & Portuguese Studies

Graduate Student Teaching Awards

Alexis Baldacci History
Lina Benabdallah Political Science
Ernest Briggs Theatre and Dance
Alberto De Simoni Classics
Ehsan Fereyduni Chemistry
Kacey Gilbert Special Education, Psychology & Early Childhood Studies
Ryan Good University Writing Program
Jacob Greene University Writing Program
Brandon Jett History
Lisa Krehbiel Applied Physiology and Kinesiology
Joseph McNeil Physics
Prisca Piccirilli Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Christie Robinson Theatre and Dance
Regina Rodriguez Environmental Engineering Sciences
Scott Rothberg Landscape Architecture
Todd Schumann Electrical and Computer Engineering
Alexander Siwiecki English
Michael Vickers Entomology and Nematology