Subject Area Tests (SAT II)

Placement Information

Placement is an assessment of a student’s level of preparation in a subject. The purpose of placement is to help students enroll in the courses in which they are most likely to be successful.

Foreign Language

Students who previously have studied French, German, Latin, or Spanish and wish to enroll in the same language at UF must demonstrate placement. Such students should take the SAT II placement exam for the appropriate language (unless the student has AP or IB scores for that subject). Consult the SAT II–Subject Tests for Placement Table, the Schedule of Courses, or the Undergraduate Catalog for more information.


In order to take the SAT II placement exam, you must be registered. You can register for the SAT II by clicking on the following link:

Once you register, your credit card will be charged $50 per SAT II exam for the test administration fee.

Please Note:

  • The $50 registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Do not register until you are sure you will test on that day.
  • The registration deadline is noon the day of the test.
  • Only registered students with photo ID will be admitted to the testing room.  Also remember to bring a #2 pencil!
  • Students cannot retake the SAT II placement test within a 30-day period. Doing so will invalidate the score.

Testing Dates

Summer B 2018

  • July 2, 2018 3pm location Broward Teaching Center
    Seating is Limited first come first served
    Sorry no Spanish tests are available.


Note: Testing rooms may be in buildings other than Turlington or others listed, so please arrive a half hour before test time. All tests are one hour long.

To be admitted to testing, you must present your photo ID and you must have registered for the test. Also remember to bring a #2 pencil!

Special Accommodations

Request testing accommodations from the Disability Resource Center (DRC) at least 4 working days (96 hours) prior to your scheduled test taking time. Send an email to Include your full name, UFID number, the title of the test you are requesting accommodations for, and the date you are scheduled to take the test.

All examinees who require special testing conditions must contact the The Teaching Center, (352) 392-2010, at least 72 hours prior to the examination.

Accessing Your Scores

Scores can be accessed at, by following these instructions:

  1. On left, click on “My Record”.
  2. Scroll to, “Test Scores”.
  3. Click on, “Test Scores”.
  4. Sign in using your Gatorlink information.

Note: Scores will be available by 12:00pm the day following your test date.