tutor and studentThe Teaching Center offers various forms of academic support to help students succeed in their studies. All of our tutoring services are free to UF students.

The following tutoring services are available:

  • Drop-in tutoring:  best for students who have a couple of questions or want a place to study with the opportunity to ask questions from a tutor.
  • Appointment tutoring:  best for students who want to meet regularly with a tutor for an entire class period.  These appointments meet at the same time each week of the term.
  • Study Groups / SI:  group tutoring which allows students to work together with a peer leader.  Many students prefer this method of support as it allows them a chance to actively process concepts through social interaction.
  • Test Reviews:  large auditorium tutoring is great for an overall review of what to expect on upcoming exams.
  • Video Resources:  features tutors explaining how they think about concepts and how they approach problem solving.