Study Groups / SI

What is Supplemental Instruction?

Supplemental Instruction (SI) (sometimes referred to as study groups) can be simply described as facilitator-led group study that is offered in conjunction with challenging courses each semester. A trained peer who is very knowledgeable about the subject area attends the class and then leads  study group sessions to focus on the difficult concepts and problems in the course.

Supplemental Instruction is purely voluntary; you can attend as often as you like, provided there is space. (This is a first-come, first-served program.) The sessions are collaborative, so you will be working with classmates to better understand the material. They will show you effective strategies for studying the course material which you will have a chance to practice together. Also, they will give you a chance to ask questions or pose your own concerns.

Note: Supplemental Instruction is offered at colleges nationwide. Research has shown that students who participate in several SI sessions generally obtain better grades in their courses.

SI sessions begin during the 2nd week of each semester — check your e-Learning course for announcements from your SI leader. Plan to attend early in the term as space will be limited! Currently, SI is offered in the following courses:

Spring 2017

Course SI Leader Time / Location
BCH4024: Biochemistry
Christina I
Dillin R
Jessika S
Matthew G
Megan G
Sydney W
Alexis H
Austin W
Binit P
Dhwani K
Hailey H
Olivia B
*times / location are assigned through Canvas
BSC2010: Biology I Michelle C. Mon 7th  MCCB 2102
Tues 9
th  LIT 215
Wed. 9
th LIT 205

 BSC2011:  Biology II Michael D. M3 Broward Math Study Center
T4 Matherly 251
W7 Matherly 108
CHM2210: Organic Chemistry 2 (Portmess)
*times / location assigned through Canvas

Weekly Math Study Groups

Weekly math study groups give students a chance to ask questions and solve problems in a small group setting. The leaders prepare practice questions, often with input from the course instructors. Offered in Fall & Spring. For Summer, please attend Drop-in tutoring for these math courses.

Course SI Leader Time / Location
MAC1114/1147 Sara E. M 7th Broward Math Study Center
T 4th  Broward Math Study Center
W 7th  LIT 235
MAC2233 Jaylynne H. T4  Anderson 21
W8  Little 205
R4  Anderson 21
MAC2234 Maria N. Mon 1:55  FLG275
Wed 5:10  LIT 201
Fri 3pm  Broward Math Lab
MAC 2311 Bryan B. M 9th  LIT215
T 10th LIT215
R9th LIT215
MAC 2312 Scott D. T5  FLG 275
W4  Little 219
R7  Anderson 13


Achieving Chemistry Excellence

The Achieving Chemistry Excellence (ACE) program is a collaborative effort by the Teaching Center and the Chemistry department to provide learning assistance to students in Chemistry. ACE study sessions are weekly meetings of 1-4 students led by a trained peer leader who received an A in the class during a previous semester. The study sessions include active learning techniques such as note review, creating concept maps and memory cards, learning from practice materials, group discussions, text book review, etc.

The ACE leaders are recommended by the Chemistry department, then screened and approved by the Teaching Center. Leaders are selected for their academic strengths, interpersonal skills and their desire to help their peers. Once approved, the peer leaders participate in the Teaching Center’s training program in collaborative learning techniques. The leaders attend regular meetings where additional staff development occurs in the form of workshops and discussion.

Student participation in the program is voluntary.

For CHM students who want to participate in the ACE program, go to Tutortrac to see our availabilities.

ACE availabilities are limited and are based on a first-come, first-served basis.