Video Resources

The Teaching Center tutors have created over 1500 videos designed to assist for specific UF courses. Our goal with these materials is to show how the tutor approaches problem solving and the importance of understanding the underlying concepts. Professors also stress these active approaches to learning in the classroom, as opposed to rote memorization and passive learning techniques.

This video content includes video solutions for previous semesters’ exams, exam reviews, course-specific concept videos and more. This first playlist has 18 videos to help improve general overall study skills. Scroll down to see videos for other courses and more on study skills.





Learning Preferences




Study Skills

  • Citing Sources & Avoiding Plagiarism
    – Tips for using quotations skillfully, as well as avoiding plagiarism.
  • Early Term Study Tips
    – Here are some tips to get you off to a good start.
  • End of Term Study Tips
    – Finals are looming, and you need to finish the semester strong. Here are some end-of-term tips to help you do that.
  • Memory
    – Improve your memory and recall, both during regular study time and during tests.
  • Mid-Term Study Tips
    – You’re looking at mid-terms, and things aren’t going as well as you’d hoped. Here are some tips to turn things around in the second half of the semester.
  • Note Taking
    – Taking good notes will improve your performance in every academic area.
  • Reading Speed
    – Analyze your reading weaknesses, and improve speed and comprehension.
  • Test Taking (Video 1)
    – Diagnose whether you have test anxiety, and improve your test prep.
  • Test Taking (Video 2)
    – Improve your performance on tests.
  • Time Management
    – Weak time management causes a variety of other academic problems. Here are some tips to improve the way you use your time.